Getting your house ready to sell

Selling a home might appear to be easy to some; after all, everyone needs a home, so there’s always going to be someone who’ll want to buy your property. However, you might find the whole process takes much longer than you want it to and potential buyers just don’t seem to be very interested.

Selling a home is about far more than just listing it with an estate agent. Try our simple steps to get your home ready to sell and you’ll be handing over the keys in no time.

Make a good first impression

People really do judge a home by its front cover, so make sure your home draws people in from the first time they see it. Make sure that it looks outstanding in the photographs used by your estate agent. Whizz through the house and tidy it up, give the garden a quick going over and make sure it doesn’t look bare, and give everything a deep clean if you can.

Declutter as much as possible. Home life can build up scattered toys, ornaments and all sorts of bits and pieces covering tables and hiding in corners. Buyers don’t want to see that sort of thing and it makes your home seem cramped. Put things you don’t need into storage and be ready for new owners to visualise themselves in their new home.

A fresh lick of paint

Your personal decor style might not quite match up with the tastes of buyers. Get someone objective to have a walk around your home and highlight key areas you might want to change. Some rooms might have faded and you just didn’t notice because you live with it, and other areas may not be to everyone’s taste. Make it fresh and clean and people will be jumping at the chance to move in.

You should also check for any repair jobs that need doing. Is there a room that always feels cold? Is there a dark room that you don’t particularly like to use? Is there a particular smell in the hallway that comes from the cats? You might be able to cope with the squeaky bathroom door and that dripping outside tap, but buyers don’t want to be presented with jobs that they need to do as soon as they move in.

Clean your windows, get through that list of jobs you’ve always put off for a rainy day and make sure the house always smells fresh and inviting. A pot of freshly brewed coffee can really draw people in (or, in the winter months, try a pan of freshly made mulled wine for extra seasonal flair!).

Give up your parking space

If your home comes with a driveway or allocated parking space, try your best to leave it free for your buyers. This ensures that coming by for an appointment is much more convenient for them, and furthers a positive impression as to how living in this new potential home could be. It’s also a key selling point; who doesn’t want to skip out on driving around endlessly around the streets looking for a parking spot?

How can OneDome help?

If you’re getting ready to move, OneDome can help you sell your property, find a new home, get a mortgage, and complete your conveyancing. We are the first website in the UK that can connect all the steps in buying or selling a home, with everything you need online and in one place. Talk to us on 020 3896 6262 for more information on how we can make your property journey simple.

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