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A new partnership: Reapit

We are excited to announce our partnership with Reapit, the largest CRM and Lettings Accounting software provider to the UK residential real estate sector.

This partnership will enable us to offer estate agents a combined suite of digital tools to compete with online and hybrid agencies.

A new integration between our platform and RPS Digital – Reapit’s online service portal, will enable agents to create a completely seamless digital journey for their customers – an experience that has previously only been available to online agents, and which some believe is part of the appeal of ‘online’ for consumers.

Benefits for agents

  • Customer data collected from agents’ website and the portals via OneDome tools will be fed directly into RPS.
  • The integration of the two platforms will reduce the need for duplicate data entry by agents when collecting customer information across multiple channels.
  • It will also help to ensure data is gathered in a GDPR-compliant manner, by obtaining consent from the customer and recording that consent on the contact record in Reapit’s CRM.
  • It will enhance their customer’s experience: this marks a significant move towards a more digitised way for estate agents to operate. Using technology to alleviate needless administration, by providing vendors and buyers with a way to manage their property transaction online.

The technology can be used for both traditional estate agency business as well as for those aiming to offer a “hybrid” solution.

Babek Ismayil, founder and CEO of OneDome, said: “We are pleased to partner with such a strong player as Reapit. We offer agents technology, to win, qualify and nurture new business. This partnership ensures that our consumer-facing tools work efficiently with the agents’ in-house systems and, with less administration, they can provide even better customer service.”

Gary Barker, CEO of Reapit commented “We have always sought to focus our integration efforts on tools that will help drive growth and deliver operational savings to our clients. Our own digital offering has been hugely popular since its launch and the OneDome tools offer a great synergy that will enhance what our mutual clients will be able to offer their own customers via their websites.”

By partnering with key, best-in-class, Proptech players, OneDome aims to help smooth the process of implementing new technology for estate agents.

Ismayil explained: “The property industry is vast and fragmented, and our ambition is to help and facilitate the current estate agency model. These partnerships are in line with our vision that collaboration, rather than disruption, is the way forward in the property space.”

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