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20. Apr. 2017

London’s best property apps

Marks out of 10? This app, made by London-based OneDome, scores postcodes with an individual rank for seven key criteria.

23. Jan. 2017

The Future Of Technology May Be Collaboration, Not Disruption

Collaboration should be the new disruption. We need to think not only about creating something for the consumer, but also about empowering existing businesses and creating more, not fewer, opportunities.

16. Jan. 2017

Proptech startup launches in Greater Manchester

The tool enables users to look up information on any postcode in the area including Manchester, Tameside and Trafford.

9. Jan. 2017

Mapped: Which London neighbourhoods have seen the biggest house price rises since the crash?

New website OneDome has created a mapping tool to help capital’s house hunters who turn their sights further south and east to seek more affordability and space, by finding out more about a neighbourhood before moving there.

11. Dec. 2016

The top property apps on the block

Houses are in short supply, but property apps certainly are not. OneDome, a UK property technology company has just launched Locality Reality, an innovative, free, web-based tool to help people with their search for a new home.


10. Dec. 2017


Surrey’s top places to live based on transport, safety and noise have been revealed

Did where you live make it on the leaderboard which takes seven factors, including safety and transport links, into account. However, choosing the best place to live within the county has always been a challenge. But now a property technology company says they have put the argument to rest after analysing data to come up with ‘best places to live’ lists based on amenities and quality of life.

08.  Dec. 2017

Revealed – the 25 best places in Sussex to live

New research, revealed today, has pinpointed the best places in Sussex to live. Using various criteria, such as education, safety, noise, grocery, lifestyle, public greenspaces, and transport, property technology startup OneDome has ranked the top 25 places to live in Sussex with its Locality Reality mapping tool.  

02.  Dec. 2017

The top places to live in Croydon based on transport, safety and noise have been revealed 

Most people in Croydon will proudly claim the area of the borough where they live is the best to live in – but which actually is? Perhaps all the arguments can be put to bed as a property technology company has been analysing data to come up with best places to live lists based on amenities and quality of life.

15.  Nov. 2017

These are apparently the 10 ‘worst places’ to live in Kent

The ’10 worst places to live’ have been revealed by a property technology company after looking at factors including transport links, noise, and public safety. Startup company OneDome has unveiled the list along with its interactive map which you can use to search your postcode area to see how it rates on seven different categories.

10.  Nov. 2017

Where are the best and worst places to live in Kent?

The 10 best and worst places to live in Kent have been revealed. According to research by property technology company OneDome, Canterbury is ranked in top position followed by Tunbridge Wells and Eynsford.

10.  Nov. 2017

Dartford named as one of the top 10 best places in Kent to live

OneDome has ranked the top 10 places to live in Kent with its Locality Reality mapping tool, which scores postcodes out of ten based on their local amenities. With its many schools, shops, restaurants and bars, Canterbury comes out on top.

13.  Jul. 2017

Somerset Live

Top 5 places to live if you’re a tennis fan

With Wimbledon fever gripping the nation, we started our quest to find the best place in the UK to live for tennis fans.  We’ve combed through the data with our Locality Reality tool to find the highest-scoring areas with some of the UK’s leading tennis clubs.

16. Feb. 2017

Try the app that will revolutionise your property search

Trying to contrast and compare between postcodes can be daunting, which is why OneDome created postode comparison tool Locality Reality to empower users with data.

Trade Press

16.  Jan. 2018

Proptech firm claims it can help agents banish email ‘tyre kickers’

OneDome says its new product can weed out the good quality portal email leads from the dross including during ‘out of hours’.

15.  Jan. 2018

New portal auto-responder caters to buyers’ need for instant gratification

A tool that enables agents to send an instant response to portal enquiries at any time of day or night has launched. Proptech firm OneDome says that its auto-responder product OneLead will catch email enquiries from portals and provide immediate replies.

13.  Dec. 2017

PropTech consolidation starts as two high-profile firms form partnership

PropTech start up OneDome, which supplies online booking and mapping tools, has teamed up with live chat service provider Yomdel in what they call a “strategic partnership” to provide services for estate and letting agents.

21.  Nov. 2017

New tool verifies leads by checking on buyers via social media

A new software tool claims to be able to verify leads by checking on buyers via social media. Using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the tool from OneDome generates a file of publicly available information on the customer

20.  Nov. 2017

Fed up with fake enquiries? New tool checks leads against social media profiles

Developer OneDome says new tool will both save time for sales staff and help filter out time wasters inbound from portals and AVM engines – but not be a snooping tool.

20. Nov. 2017

New tool for agents verifies leads via social media – and aims to weed out fakes

A new tool has been launched which is designed to deliver quality leads to agents – and weed out fakes. OneDome’s new tool provides what are described as “highly qualified” leads via social media.

19.  Sep. 2017

Start-up offers free software to agents with under 50 listings

A PropTech start-up says its booking, valuation and communication tools will be available free of charge to any agency with fewer than 50 properties on their books. OneDome, which offers high street agents software packages to help them compete with online operators, says that after the first 50 properties the costing is £1.50 per property per month, with customised pricing for larger agencies. 

31. Aug. 2017


Hybrid Property Technology – Disrupting the Business for the Better

The emergence of a collaborative approach within the property market is no more apparent than at London based startup OneDome. OneDome represents a different approach to property technology.

24.  Aug. 2017

UK tech reacts to pound’s biggest slump in eight years

Sterling has risen slightly after plummeting to an eight year low against the euro yesterday, amid growing uncertainty caused by the UK’s impending Brexit and unexpected strong growth in the eurozone economy. Babek Ismayil, founder and CEO of PropTech startup OneDome, which provides up-to-date information for consumers doing property searches, was also seemingly positive but called for greater government intervention.

21. Aug. 2017

New tool allows portal searches by lifestyle needs, not by property

OneDome has launched a new online tool that allows users to scour Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket by setting up lifestyle criteria, instead of finding a property and then researching whether its location has the facilities the prospective buyer wants.

15. Aug. 2017

Interview: the Knight Frank executive who went ‘proptech’

A proptech start-up called OneDome that offers agents the tools to book viewings online has persuaded one of Knight Frank’s senior people to jump ship. Rachel Dipper, who until June was Head of Residential Marketing at Knight Frank, is now heading up OneDome’s promotional effort as Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships.

06. Aug. 2017

Superb Crew

OneDome Raises $4M Series A Funding To Improve The Property Transaction Process

OneDome addresses the entire property transaction process, empowering consumers and professionals alike. OneDome digitally connects property professionals and consumers, so that key information can be passed along the process efficiently and the journey can be seamless.

31.  Jul. 2017


London’s most inspiring entrepreneurs are leaving the skyscrapers for a new start

For many entrepreneurs, it’s the opportunity to transform existing systems that have become fractured, difficult, or out-dated in our modern world that gives them that final push to quit the City. This is a scenario that Babek Ismayil, founder of London-based PropTech company OneDome, knows only too well. 

25.  Jul. 2017

74 newly funded startups and their domain names:,,

We have a list of 74 startup companies that raised $525,015,230 in funding last week.

23.  Jul. 2017

OneDome set to connect consumers to the property market with just one click

Proptech startup OneDome offers the means to reduce much of the headache for house hunters and property professionals alike all across England.

21.  Jul. 2017

immobilier 2.0

#PropTech: La startup londonienne OneDome lève 4 millions de dollars

OneDome, une startup londonienne du secteur de la PropTech, vient de lever la somme de 4 millions de dollars. OneDome propose des solutions d’analyse et de visualisation des données immobilières.

14.  Jul. 2017

Agent Provocateur: A lot of noise about proptech – but it can be simple, affordable and genuinely useful

One introducing a classy communication tool, with added bells and whistles and well worth a look from what I can see, is Onedome. To have the advantages of a full service agent and the ability to communicate in the same way as Purplebricks, without the vast investment, all for next to nothing, must surely give the high street agent a winning advantage – one to watch.

13.  Jul. 2017

£3m boost for start-up helping traditional agents challenge onliners

PropTech start-up OneDome – which describes its products as allowing traditional estate agents to challenge Purplebricks and other online rivals – has secured a huge £3m funding boost from ultra high net worth investors. 

11. Jul. 2017

London PropTech firm OneDome closes $4m Series A

OneDome, a London-based PropTech startup that aims to transform the way consumers interact with the property market, has raised a $4m (£3.1m) Series A.

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