A technology company revolutionising home moving

We are the only property platform where you can find your home and complete the transaction without complexity and stress, offering you a moving experience you’ll enjoy.

We are building a better home moving experience by placing everything you need to buy or sell your home in one friendly service online

Moving home can be a stressful experience. The transaction process is long and complicated. It hasn’t evolved significantly in many years, even though the UK government continues in its effort to modernise the process. No wonder nearly 30% of agreed transactions fail, costing consumers on average £2,700.

We are determined to challenge the status quo and change this process for good.

Our goal is to help you complete your move

Our platform offers a complete solution from searching for properties, to engaging with estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, and even registering the property ownership title. Whether you are a home buyer, seller, or a property professional, OneDome’s platform ensures that more of you complete your property transactions.

If the transaction fails for any reason, we will even cover the fees (up to £2,250) you have paid to property professionals, when using our platform.

Our story


The idea for OneDome was born out of the experience of our founder, Babek Ismayil, when he tried to buy his first home in London.

After spending months viewing properties, he found the perfect home for his family and began the house buying process. After 4 months of a stressful and disjointed journey, he found out on the day of exchange that another person had bought the house of his dreams. The experience cost him thousands of pounds and months of his life. Because of that, he didn’t attempt to buy a property again for four years.

When he started researching the issue, he found that he wasn’t the only person to experience a failed transaction. Over 400,000 home buyers in the UK have been through the same experience, losing £2,700 on average. It was then that he decided there must be a better way.

Who are we?

Obsessive simplifiers

We go into great detail to find ways to deliver a simple experience for our home movers. We relentlessly seek out ways of making it easier to get over the home purchase finishing line.

Strong believers

We are strong believers in what we do. We are excited about having an opportunity to fix one of the most stressful experiences in a consumer’s life, as well as help people complete their most crucial acquisition free of any stress.

Our values

1 Entrepreneurship

We are dreamers and hard workers, we have to be. Building a startup to fix one of life’s most stressful events requires hard work, stamina, responsibility of ownership, and persistence.

2 Transparency

Transparency is at the core of our products and we believe that this will make the process more efficient for everybody. We have a strong dislike for opaqueness and complexity and prefer to keep things simple and transparent.

3 Collaboration

We believe in collaboration and teamwork. Property transactions are a collaborative effort between all key stakeholders and so is our approach to improving it.

Join our mission to improve the lives of every home mover in the UK