With the festive season well and truly upon us, many will be taking on tasks that are typical of this time of year. Whether that be finding the right gifts for your loved ones, sorting your working hours around the holidays and getting the tree home through treacherous weather. Those moving home during this time have an even more daunting task on their hands, spinning several plates to keep afloat.

Here at OneDome, we have compiled a checklist of tips to help you navigate the challenges of home moving throughout December as smoothly as possible.


  1. Plan Ahead:

As generic as it sounds, preparation is the key to a stress-free move, regardless of the time of year. Break the process of moving into smaller tasks, put them in order of priority and execute accordingly. Planning ahead also involves confirming your move date with all relevant parties as early as possible. This helps avoid last-minute surprises for everyone involved.


  1. Book Your Removals Firm

This is a crucial one. Securing a removals company well in advance not only guarantees help on moving day but also provides a set date to work towards. This helps you stay on track, and keeps you motivated with a specific date in sight.


  1. Organise Your Packing

A couple of weeks may need to be set aside to allow for packing. Do it strategically, grouping items by the room they’ll be going in. Another idea is to set aside an ‘Essentials’ box, filled with things you’ll immediately need when moving in (kettle, toiletries etc.). Putting this box aside will mean you won’t have to search for that needle in the haystack when going through the mountain of boxes you have amassed. The necessary items can be at your disposal early on, and everything else can be subsequently unpacked when convenient for you.


  1. Shop Early

The age-old advice of doing Christmas shopping early is very much applicable here. Any gifts that can be distributed before the move should be done so, to avoid losing them amid the chaos of moving boxers. This will also lighten your load on moving day.


  1. Change Your Address

Anyone who needs to know about your address change should be alerted as soon as possible. Friends, family, and relevant authorities should be made aware ASAP. You don’t want those gifts and cards being sent to your old address.

This also applies to online shopping. On sites where your delivery information is pre-loaded into the checkout from previous transactions, you should make sure this is updated so anything you order doesn’t go to the wrong place also. Do a double take before confirming your order, just to avoid that additional stress of tracking down parcels sent to the wrong place.


  1. Prepare For Treacherous Weather

Whilst the UK isn’t famous for snowstorms and blizzards around this time of year, you should always be prepared for treacherous conditions. Beware slippery ice on the roads, and rain drenching your moving boxes. Stock up on salt and grit to maintain clear pathways and clean up fallen leaves to prevent slips. Plan for the worst, regardless of forecasts.

  1. Keep the Kids in the Loop

In a period special to all children, it’s important to keep them informed about the process, and take time to explain what’s happening. Help them pack anything they consider important, give them the reigns to choose the colour of their new room, and make provision for festive activity to ensure they still get that sense of enjoyment from the holidays.

  1. Read the meters

A task considered routine amongst typical home moving, this can slip your mind during the holiday hustle. Be sure to read the meters on your old home before bidding farewell.


  1. Arrange a Food Delivery

Schedule an online delivery for the day after you move to replenish your fridge and cupboards. It’s a convenient way to ensure you have the essentials on hand while settling into your new home. Remember, it’s December. Book this delivery slot way in advance, so you’re not competing last minute with those trying to get their Christmas Dinner delivered at the same time.


  1. Decorate, relax and enjoy

Once the hard work is done, take time to decorate your new home and savour the holiday season. Embrace the festive spirit, relax, and enjoy the break you’ve earned.


At OneDome, we strive to make the homebuying experience seamless for our users and take as much stress out of the equation as possible. Our Property Moving Assistants are dedicated to keeping all parties in the loop to ensure the transaction occurs in a timely manner. We hope these tips contribute to a less taxing experience. We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year when it comes around, and a seamless move into your new home!