Moving property can be an expensive and exhausting experience. The thrill of a new home can often get overshadowed by the daunting logistics, mountain of paperwork and endless phonecalls.  

Recognising the stress levels associated with moving home, OneDome is thrilled to unveil our newest campaign, ‘Paperbag or OneDome’.   


Home-Moving Takes Time: 

Research reveals some staggering statistics about the traditional home-moving process. On average, each home mover is bogged down by a staggering 126 phone calls and 272 emails throughout the course of their property transaction.  

Each phone call eats up approximately 20 minutes, while crafting and sending out emails take about 5 minutes each. Collectively, this amounts to 64.67 working hours per move! 


The Financial Burden: 

Beyond the time-consuming nature of traditional home moving, there’s a significant financial toll. Drawing from an average salary benchmark of £35,000, the research highlights that each property transaction costs the economy a staggering £1,088.34.  

This financial strain is a direct consequence of individuals being compelled to divert their attention away from productive work activities to address the administrative demands associated with moving homes. 

Our Vision: 

OneDome is on a mission to revolutionise the way people move homes, making it similar to buying an item online. By consolidating all aspects of the home moving process onto one intuitive online platform, OneDome offers a streamlined, stress-free experience.  

The campaign is accompanied by our first-ever TV advertisement (link here), set to grace screens on Sky and various other channels very soon. The advert is set in a classroom, teaching prospective homebuyers about the stress of moving home and the typical way to cope.  

The class is then taken over by our protagonist, who tells learners about the benefits of using OneDome to manage the property transaction, and how this cuts down on costs, time and hassle. 


With the ‘PaperBag or OneDome’ campaign, we invite individuals to consider the true cost of traditional home moving. By opting for OneDome, movers can reclaim their time, minimise stress, and focus on what truly matters – settling into their new homes and embracing the excitement of a fresh start. 

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