Putting your house on the market

Looking to sell as fast as possible? Putting your house on the market is easy when you know how. In just a few simple steps, you can get your home ready for buyers and be ready to complete your sale with ease.

Check your kerb appeal

Kerb appeal might sound like a cliché but good looks sell. Photograph the exterior of your home from every angle and make a thorough assessment of any improvement work that needs doing.

Clean guttering, fresh paintwork, and a tidy garden can do wonders for the look of your home. If there are any communal areas, make sure they’re clean and clutter-free and give your entire home a deep clean to make that all-important great first impression.

Be honest

If your home needs an update then be clear about any modernisation that needs doing. There are plenty of buyers looking for a property to renovate so pitch your home at the doer-upper market.

Maximising your opportunities for a sale is all about emphasising your home’s potential so expose original features such as wooden floorboards. Make sure your kitchen and bathroom sparkle and shine. Even if they’re outdated, your potential buyers should be able to see the space.

Find the right estate agent

Finding the right estate agent is essential when selling your home and there’s an easy way to compare agents in your local area based on their performance, reviews and fees. OneDome can help you find an agent who’s had success in selling similar properties to yours based on the time it takes to sell and their success in achieving the asking price.

Highly successful agents will have access to buyers who are looking for homes in your area. And by comparing online, you can get the best deal by negotiating a fixed fee rather than a commission.

Ask a realistic price

You should already have an idea of a realistic asking price for your home. If not, then you can get a free instant online evaluation through Nethouseprices. It’s as simple as typing in your postcode and a few details and they will give you a quick and bespoke valuation using the unique market knowledge of local agents.

Aim for a minimum of three valuations from reputable agencies but don’t necessarily pick an agent because they suggest the highest asking price. Do your research to decide on a figure that meets what you’d like to achieve and which is in line with other properties in your area.

Sort out your conveyancing

OneDome’s conveyancing service simplifies conveyancing by moving everything online and into one place. We make it possible for home movers and estate agents to track the progress of your conveyancing in real time, so everyone gets full visibility. This helps speed up the conveyancing process, meaning your agent can complete your sale faster and you can buy or sell a property much quicker than with traditional methods.

Get on the market

Now you’re ready to sell, you’ll want maximum exposure for your home across as many platforms as possible. With OneDome, your property will be marketed to your property across OneDome, Nethouseprices, and Facebook Marketplace, exposing your property to millions of potential buyers. This gives your home the best possible chance of being seen by a potential buyer.

Because everything with OneDome is online and in one place, the process of selling your home far simpler. For example, our conveyancing service makes it simple to track the progress of the conveyancing in real time. This means that as a seller, you are aware of every step of conveyancing process, which helps speed up the process for everyone involved.

Ready to sell? Why not contact us today on 020 3868 6262 today and find out what else we can do to help sell your home.

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