We are all aware of the current stigma surrounding first-time buyers in the UK. “It’s impossible, you’ll never be able to save up enough” etc. The following news however proposes a lucrative new opportunity for first-time buyers, as landlords are currently rushing to sell their properties before significant changes in tax regulations take effect. With OneDome, you can leverage this opportunity to secure your dream home at a more attractive price.


Changing Landscape:

As landlords face the challenges of rising mortgage rates, punitive property taxes, and a diminishing capital gains tax allowance, they are turning to the market to list their properties as quickly as possible, fuelled by the realisation that delaying sales could result in diminished profits as property prices continue to fall.


Tax Implications:

For First-time buyers considering their first property investment, the impending decrease in the annual capital gains tax allowance to £30,000 at the beginning of the new tax year is particularly relevant. Furthermore, the capital gains tax rate stands at 28%. As this allowance shrinks, landlords find themselves under increasing pressure to offload their properties promptly to avoid potential financial losses. This creates a favourable environment in which first time buyers can navigate the property market, as falling property prices also lead to reduced stamp duty land tax bills.


Market Dynamics:

Despite a marginal rise of 0.2% in house prices in November, according to Nationwide, the overall trend remains a 2% decrease compared to the previous year. This decline, coupled with the financial challenges faced by landlords, has resulted in a surge of properties entering the market.


In collaboration with sellers on our platform, OneDome is proud to offer exclusive deals for first-time buyers. As landlords rush to offload their properties, you can benefit from reduced process and potentially negotiate even more favourable terms. Our user-friendly interface and advanced search features make it easy for you to discover properties that align with your preferences, and our dedicated Property Moving Assistants are ready to assist you at every step of the process. Acting swiftly may prove to be the key to unlocking the doors to your dream home. Seize the moment and make your move into homeownership now.