With 2023 coming to a close, many across the UK find themselves contemplating fresh starts and exciting changes. January, often associated with resolutions and renewal, might seem an unconventional time to move. However, there are numerous reasons why this month could be a lucrative time to take that next step.  


1. Less Competition  

The property market tends to experience a slowdown during the winter months, including January. Whilst this may be a turn off for many, it’s important to look at it from the perspective of reduced competition. This can lead to better negotiating power and potentially more favourable deals.

Sellers keen to make a sale may be more open to negotiations, providing an opportunity for buyers to secure their dream home at a more reasonable price. From a buying perspective, this also adds an advantage, as there will be quieter competition in terms of offers from people all competing for the same property.

This subsequently leads to more affordable real estate. Less competition = more negotiation! 


2. Motivated Sellers 

January often brings a sense of new beginnings, and homeowners looking to sell during this time are often motivated to kick-start the year with a change. This motivation can translate into quicker and smoother transactions, as sellers are likely to be responsive and eager to close deals efficiently. 


3. Availability of Professionals and Services 

Moving house involves coordinating various professionals and services (all easy to do via OneDome’s HomeBuyer Service might we add 😉). Estate agents, solicitors, and removal companies may experience a lower demand compared to busier months, ensuring greater availability and potentially quicker turnaround times for the various aspects of the moving process. 


4. Avoid the Spring Rush 

Traditionally, the property market tends to pick up momentum in the spring, with more people actively seeking new homes. Listing your property in March means you’ll be competing with more properties for the spotlight.

By making the move in January, you will be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. You can bypass the spring rush, ensuring a smoother and less stressful experience. Additionally, moving during the winter months means you can settle into your new home just in time to enjoy the budding spring season. 

While the idea of moving house in January might initially seem unconventional, it brings several advantages that can make the process more enjoyable and potentially more cost-effective.

From reduced competition in the property market to motivated sellers and the opportunity for a fresh start, January offers a unique window for those looking to embark on the exciting journey of finding and moving into a new home in the United Kingdom.

Regardless of the time of year, our HomeBuyer Service allows for a guaranteed faster and simpler homebuying experience, bringing all elements of the process into one accessible portal, cutting down on time spent liaising with several parties through different platforms.  

As 2024 comes closer, may the new year be filled with joy, prosperity, and the perfect home for all our readers. Happy house hunting and a wonderful New Year!