pre-qualified mortgage leads

We’ve created the first property platform that works for mortgage advisors. Through our tool, Mortgage Passport, we can reliably provide qualified mortgage leads.

Mortgage Passport is a digital tool that helps you easily qualify incoming mortgage leads. 

You will receive updates as your customer progresses through the three levels of Mortgage Passport, as well as their full fact find so it’s easier and faster for you to provide a mortgage offer.

What we offer to mortgage advisors

Pre-qualified leads

Mortgage Passport collects all data and documents usually included in a full fact find

Increased visibility

Full visibility of the transaction for all key stakeholders

Easy communication

The online platform keeps everyone updated, reducing the need for time-consuming phone calls

Want to work with us?

Whether you are a self-employed mortgage advisor looking to join a fully compliant lead generation platform, or an existing firm with high customer service standards and ready to connect to a technology-driven property search platform, we are open for partnerships.

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