Make more money from mortgages

Gain more control, provide easy access to mortgages to your customers, and speed up transactions whilst growing your revenue

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Make more money from mortgages

Gain more control, provide easy access to mortgages to your customers, and speed up transactions whilst growing your revenue

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Free to list, forever

List on OneDome for free, contractually guaranteed for 100 years

Win more business

Manage all leads, stay open 24/7, and promote your business to vendors

Faster transactions

Complete transactions faster for quicker revenue generation and happier customers

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Get your customers started on their mortgage journey

Mortgages are a key factor behind failed transactions. In fact, over 30% of transactions fail due to prospective buyers not having access to funding, or are looking for properties beyond their means.

It is essential then, to start home buyers on their mortgage journey as soon as possible, to save everyone time, speed up the transaction, and save on costs incurred by a transaction falling through.

OneDome has the solution

With just a few clicks, your customers can check their affordability and generate a Mortgage in Principle via the homebuying platform. They can share it with you, connect to your preferred mortgage broker, and start their mortgage journey.

  • Easy to set up and get going
  • You customer does everything online and gets an MIP in 15 mins
  • The customer can share their MIP with you when they make an offer
  • You get the option to earn additional revenue from mortgage referrals
  • The customer will be automatically nurtured for 45 days, so if they don’t commit instantly, we will keep them informed and convert at the right time for them
  • We simplify the mortgage process by moving most of the tasks online

How can customers access my mortgage services?

Customers will be invited to complete a Mortgage in Principle during their first interaction with your properties, either via OneDome or the web tools on your website. An automated nurturing programme will nurture the customer for 45 days and convert them at the right moment in their journey.

You could also invite a customer to start their mortgage journey by inviting them to your platform.

How does an agent make money from mortgages?

Become an introducer

An agent can act like an introducer to the OneDome platform. In the case of a successful transaction, an agent will be paid a portion of the case value based on the market rates.

Use existing provider

An agent could use their own mortgage firm or a partner mortgage provider and any leads generated via OneDome will automatically go to those partners. There will be a charge per lead generated by OneDome.

How to get the best out of mortgages with OneDome?

Install our web tools on your website and use our Autoresponder to increase the volume of leads exposed to the homebuying platform and mortgages. Remember, you are paid a fee regardless of whether or not the applicant buys the property from your agency.

Promote the homebuying platform to your customers and invite as many customers as possible to use the platform for their mortgages.

Get the OneDome Guarantee on every mortgage application

All your customers with a successful mortgage application submitted via OneDome automatically receive the OneDome Guarantee, which includes a form of buyers protection insurance that covers them against financial loss in case of a failed transaction (capped at £2,250). 

Whereas normally the protection would cost £90, you can instead offer it to your customers for free.

Stand out
from the crowd

Win more business that won't cost a penny

  • List for free on OneDome, Nethouseprices, and Facebook Marketplace
  • Win more vendor instructions
  • Generate revenue via our platform
  • Power your website with our web tools
  • Protect your customers
  • Get complete visibility and gain more control
  • Cancel at any time, there are no obligations

Total cost = £ 0

Est. market cost = £ 1830 p/m


How do we calculate this?

We work this out by adding up the prices for similar offering on the

Portal with same monthly views
£1850 p/m

You asked, we answered

OneDome’s mission is to make home buying and selling simple for everyone. The platform’s purpose is to provide home buyers and sellers with a step-by-step home buying and selling process, whilst connecting all services needed in one place.

The platform enables agents to list properties for free and generate revenue from various essential services, such as conveyancing and mortgages. Agents also gain more control of the entire process. 

Of course, you can cancel free listings with OneDome at any time, without any hassle.

OneDome is free because we are not an ordinary portal; we don't make money by advertising your properties. OneDome is a property home buying and selling platform. We make money from facilitating property transactions by connecting various businesses to customers. These services include mortgages and conveyancing.

To be clear, we don't interfere with agent’s referral arrangements. Contrary to that, we help to grow their conversions and revenue further (see more information on make money from home buying and selling platform)

We also make money from vendor leads, which is an optional service for agents where we only charge a success fee upon completion (see more information in Win more vendor instructions with Find an Agent service)

No, we do not sell your listing data to third parties.

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