From the start, our vision has been to make the homebuying process as simple and stress free as possible and we look to deliver this through our HomeBuyer Service (HBS). A cornerstone of HBS is the easy-to-use software behind it. We call it DealRoom. DealRoom was designed in conjunction with Estate Agents, Conveyancers and Mortgage Brokers and provides an easy-to-use transaction management platform.

One of the primary causes of delays in the transaction is the speed, or lack thereof, of the consumer onboarding process. Traditionally, the consumer receives everything in the post, it’s paper based, and the client must carve out time from a busy schedule to sit down, fill in the forms and post it back. To make things worse, buyers have to go through the onboarding process three times, once with the agent, once with the conveyancer and again with the mortgage broker. This lack of co-ordination can result in a seriously long process.

We have taken all those steps and digitised them. Everything is in one convenient place and the consumer can begin their onboarding as soon as they instruct the agent, broker or a conveyancer. We’ve simplified onboarding into a step by step process that consumers need only complete once. We then re-share that data with the relevant parties, subject to their consent.  The process can be completed virtually anywhere, even on their commute. As all the documents are digitised, or in the case of ID, are easily uploaded, it is almost impossible for the consumer to make a mistake with their forms. By digitising the consumer onboarding experience, we can save up to 4 weeks before the transaction has even begun!

By digitising the consumer onboarding journey, we have created a way for sellers to get sale ready. This is really exciting as it means a seller can complete their conveyancing onboarding before their property has even hit the market, so when the property goes under offer, contracts can be raised straight away. Speedy completions suddenly become the new normal. In a competitive market this can help you stand out, and combined with our OneDome Guarantee, it is a proven instruction winner.