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Hendon Waterside

Hendon Waterside, Meadowlark House, Moorhen Drive, Tyrrel Way, Hendon, NW9 7QA

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About the development

Set in the heart of an impressive £9.6bn waterside regeneration scheme in West Hendon. Located next to the scenic Welsh Harp and 170 hectares of open green space, at Hendon Waterside we are building safe and energy-efficient homes which have just been awarded a 'Built for a Healthy Life' honour. We are halfway through our journey as we've built over 1,000 out of 2,000 one, two and three-bedroom new homes. Living here you'll also be able to take advantage of amenities on your doorstep, including the on-site Co-op Supermarket. Discover views onto the beautiful Welsh Harp from Goldfinch Apartments. Find out how we're creating a more sustainable place to live here.

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