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Thorpebury in the Limes

Thorpebury in the Limes, Barkbythorpe Road, Thorpebury, Near Barkby Thorpe, Leicester, LE7 3QP

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About the development

Set in the new village of Thorpebury near Barkby Thorpe, Thorpebury in the Limes offers you a choice of uniquely designed 2-5 bedroom homes in a countryside setting. With two local farm shops on your doorstep, a range of supermarkets and shops a short drive away in Hamilton, you’ll have everything you need close by. Alongside plenty of green space, this new community will feature a sports pavilion and cycle routes. Come and see for yourself why Thorpebury in the Limes is so popular by booking your appointment to see Amanda, Caroline and Jules, who would love to help you make your dream move to this thriving community

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