Adding value to your home is a key consideration for homeowners, whether you’re planning to sell in January or simply enhance your living space.  

For some, location is the main driving factor, such as proximity to a dream school for your children or ideal transport links for your commute to work. However, making you home stand out from both a structural and cosmetic standpoint could help in getting your home sale ready for potential buyers.

Use the following tips to help work towards this goal.  


1. Interior Updates: An obvious one is a tidy up prior to viewings and any photos taken for online listings.

Simple updates such as decluttering, repainting, and upgrading lighting could elevate your home’s value by 5–10%. Focus on creating a clean, modern, and well-styled interior to attract potential buyers. 


2. Deal with Structural Issues: Ensuring your home is structurally sound is the first step in adding value. Address issues such as these: 

  • Subsidence 
  • Sagging roofs 
  • Rising damp 
  • Structural cracks 

Please remember: Consult with professionals such as builders, surveyors, or structural engineers to assess and rectify any structural defects before proceeding with other improvements. 


3. Heating System Upgrade: An outdated heating system could significantly impact a property’s value. You could go large by investing in a modern central heating system, or on a smaller scale, make some energy efficient enhancements to your home such as:  

  • Draft sealing 
  • Double glazing 
  • Additional insulation 

This all can make your home more appealing, especially during a cost-of-living crisis in which people will be looking for any possible opportunity to save on their heating costs.  


4. Solar Panels: Staying on the topic of reducing energy costs, installing solar panels is a sustainable and attractive feature for eco-conscious buyers. 

According to Eclipse Energy, a typical solar panel system can save homeowners up to 50-70% on their energy bills. 

This investment will be a short-term high cost which can contribute to long-term energy savings and increased property value, beneficial for both those wanting to sell soon or are still living in their property for the foreseeable future. 


5. Rewiring and Replumbing: Updating electrical and plumbing systems is vital, especially in older properties. Prioritize these tasks before cosmetic improvements, and consider adding: 

  • Extra sockets 
  • Updated lighting 
  • Extractor fans.  

A modern plumbing system with efficient features could significantly boost your home’s value.


 6. Remodelling for Optimal Layout: This relates to making your floor plan as accessible as possible. Removing or adding walls can create a more spacious and functional living area.

Please remember: seek professional advice on load-bearing structures and consult with a structural engineer for larger changes. 

7. Extra Bedroom: The number of bedrooms in a house and its value typically have a positive correlation. Based on your budget, there are various options in place if you want to add another bedroom.  

You could convert existing space, or for those with a higher budget, extend on your existing living space. Please remember: Try to maintain a balance between bedrooms and bathrooms for optimal appeal. 


8. Kitchen Makeovers for Modern Living: Kitchens are a focal point for many buyers. Consider cost-effective makeovers such as repainting, replacing unit doors, or updating countertops. Small changes like new floor tiles or improved lighting could make a significant impact. 


9. Easy Bathroom Updates: Bathrooms play a crucial role in a property’s appeal. Aim for a balanced ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms and ensure a clean, well-lit, and functional space. Consider updates like shower installations, replacing sanitaryware, and enhancing ventilation. 


10. Clever Storage Ideas: Effective storage solutions maximize space and appeal. Explore opportunities for built-in storage, utilizing concealed nooks, eaves, and under stairs spaces. Clever storage contributes to a more organized and valuable home, leading to a more pleasant viewing experience for potential buyers. 

Adding value to your home involves a strategic combination of structural improvements, modern upgrades, and aesthetic enhancements. By carefully planning and executing the changes most suited to your budget, you could not only create a more desirable living space but also significantly increase the market value of your property.  


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