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HA8, Edgware, Middlesex

Edgware is an area located in the London Borough of Barnet, Middlesex, located 11 miles from Central London. It is a vibrant area with a pleasant mix of suburban living and bustling city life. It is well-connected to the city centre via its own train station and has an array of shops and restaurants for its residents.

The area is home to a range of housing, from large detached houses to smaller terraced homes. It is a popular area for young professionals and families, who enjoy its quiet residential streets and easy access to nearby parks and amenities.

The area is known for its excellent schools, including Edgware Primary School and Edgware Secondary School, both of which have outstanding ratings. It is also home to several places of worship, such as the Edgware Synagogue and the Edgware Islamic Centre.

Overall, Edgware is an ideal area for those looking for a pleasant and convenient place to live. Its proximity to the city centre and its range of amenities, schools, and places of worship make it a great place to call home.

Area Stats

Average value of properties for sale in HA8, Edgware, Middlesex: £480,000

Average value of:
  • Flat for sale in HA8, Edgware, Middlesex: £276,650

  • Detached house for sale in HA8, Edgware, Middlesex: £497,250

  • Terraced house for sale in HA8, Edgware, Middlesex: £485,000