Before the end of last year, we wrote to you about why January may be one of the best times to move house.

One of the primary reasons was avoiding the Spring rush, as the market tends to pick up momentum around this time and you may find yourself competing with a lot more properties for the spotlight.  

However, the Spring is a popular time to sell for a reason, and there are numerous benefits to listing your home at this time.

With Spring right around the corner, we’re here to list the reasons it is such a popular time in the housing market, and why you may be successful selling around this time.  


1. Picture Perfect Conditions 

Spring’s arrival not only signifies a rebirth in nature but also presents an ideal backdrop for showcasing your property.  

The enhanced natural lighting and the blooming surroundings can significantly improve the visual appeal of your home, both in photographs and to visitors. For those moving home, this means your property is likely to catch the eye of prospective buyers more easily, thanks to the inviting conditions Spring provides. 


2. Better moving conditions 

During the festive season, we wrote about the best ways to prepare for moving over the Christmas holidays. One of those ways was to prepare for treacherous conditions, by putting down salt and grit to counter for icy paths and driveways.  

Such provisions should not be necessary throughout Easter (we hope, although this is Britain after all), as Spring will typically provide mild temperatures and a bit more sun.  

Moving day during the Spring will typically go smoother because of this.  


3. Increased Demand & Supply

Spring ushers in a flurry of activity in the real estate market, with a higher demand for properties. In February 2023, the first two weeks saw a 55% jump in queries for estate agents from prospective buyers.  

Prospective and motivated buyers emerge from the winter hibernation, eager to explore new homes.  

This surge in demand creates a ripe environment for movers, as an influx of home sales translates to increased demand for moving services. 


4. Timing with Family Life

Moving house around the Spring coincides well with the school year. Anyone with dependent children will find it useful to move in the Spring, as they will be settled into their new home in time to enjoy the Summer holidays so they can take trips and enjoy time in the sun with loved ones. 

Additionally, children will be more prepared for the school run in September from their new home.

From heightened demand and improved aesthetics to favourable moving conditions, spring emerges as an opportune time for individuals to embark on their relocation journey.  

Forecasts for the year ahead propose a more favourable environment for potential buyers to thrive in. This combined with the typical uptick in home movers around the Spring leads us to expect a lot of movement in 2024.  


At OneDome, no matter what time of the year, we will be on hand to help you end-to-end throughout the homebuying journey.

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