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Why invest in UK property?

The UK market is currently experiencing a genuine period of both stability and growth, thanks in part to the greater certainty surrounding the UK’s position on Brexit (amongst other political developments). Optimism is returning to the market in waves too, with a dramatic uptick of homebuyer demand towards the closing months of 2019.

The rental market in the UK is growing as well, with ‘Generation Rent’ content to rent indefinitely, following in the footsteps of mainland Europe. This in turn makes buy-to-let investments a popular addition to any investment portfolio and after all, brick and mortar investments always represent secure assets.


Where to invest in the UK?

UK property investment has traditionally focused on London and the South East and continues to do so, but other options further north are rapidly catching up. Whilst London remains an attractive proposition for sure, it is indeed the North of Britain that is seeing monumental growth and rejuvenation throughout. Cities like Leeds boast economies developing dramatically faster than London at present, which in turn is attracting all manner of businesses looking to establish roots.

The student factor

A key sector for property investment is PBSA (purpose-built student accommodation). Cities and towns in the UK have always attracted a large number of homegrown and overseas students and the need for accommodation is consistently high. As a result, we’ve included a range of exciting PBSAs in our property portfolio below, focusing on locations throughout the UK that boast high student numbers. Once again, it is the North of England that represents an enticing investment opportunity, with Newcastle, Liverpool, and the aforementioned Leeds all ranking high in the UK’s top student cities.

How can OneDome help?

After you’ve found the ideal investment opportunity, our dedicated concierge service will help guide you through the purchasing process.

They will always be available to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch using the ‘Contact us’ button below, or by giving us a call on 020 3966 7857 between 09:00 – 19:00.

Our offer to investors

  • We provide investors with a diverse portfolio of high-yield properties
  • Our dedicated concierge service will guide you through the purchase process
  • Get mortgage advice and arrangement at no extra cost

Get £2,250 of cover for your costs

  • Conveyancing fees protection up to £1,000
  • Survey and valuation fees protection up to £750
  • Mortgage and arrangement fees protection up to £500


Please note, this form of buyers protection insurance is applicable to residential developments only


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